We are the Standard Xchange Distributor for CA & NV


R.F. MacDonald Co. celebrates one year as the Standard Xchange reps in California and Nevada, providing heat transfer for commercial HVAC applications and industrial markets

Standard Xchange heat exchangers are the standard in heat transfer solutions, reliably performing their mission-critical duties day-in and day-out just as they’ve been designed, engineered and built in the USA to do – for over 100 years and counting. Standard Xchange heat exchangers are offered in the following materials/styles: gasketed plate, brazed plate, pre-engineered or custom TEMA shell and tube or air-cooled heat exchangers.

RFMCO is proud to offer Standard Xchange heat exchangers in California and Nevada. Allow us to evaluate, select and install the right solution for you. Contact Us

Industry: Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Systems, Industrial Pumps