We Are Now the Bulldog Heat Pump Distributor for CA


R.F. MacDonald Co. is now representing Bulldog Heat Pump throughout California, satisfying HVAC needs in the commercial and HVAC industry

Bulldog Hybrid Heat Pump Systems were developed in the mid-1990s to satisfy the HVAC needs of the hotel industry. At that time, HVAC systems had high installation costs, unacceptable sound levels and ever-increasing energy costs. After testing and monitoring for technical compliance, Bulldog Hybrid Heat Pump Systems began incorporating their product in HVAC systems, gaining popularity for hotels and then other applications such as condominiums, assisted living facilities, schools and office buildings.

RFMCO is proud to offer Bulldog Heat Pump products to our customers in both Northern and Southern California. Learn more at bulldog.com. We are available to immediately handle all Bulldog sales and service in California. Contact Us

Industry: Commercial HVAC Systems