Advanced Mechanical Technologies Distributor for CA


RFMCO is now representing Advanced Mechanical Technologies in California, a leader in LEED green building systems, offering HVAC & plumbing solutions for commercial buildings

Advanced Mechanical Technologies (AMT) is a “LEEDing” manufacturer of pre-engineered, green and environmentally sound packaged central plants, HVAC and plumbing systems. These systems include booster pumps and lift stations, heat transfer packages, reclaimed water systems, advanced level controls for lift stations and combined break tank/re-pressurization/well pump control.

RFMCO is proud to offer AMT products to our customers in both Northern and Southern California.

Building owners are always looking for ways to reduce costs, especially when it comes to serving the energy loads of their structures. That’s why so many of today’s owners are asking architects to follow the LEED Green Building Rating System when designing and constructing their buildings. By utilizing high efficiency pumping systems, energy consumption is reduced by up to 60 percent, making an LEED rated bronze, silver or platinum building easily attainable. These systems provide an immediate and positive impact on the building’s performance, which leads to considerable cost savings and helps promote the sustainability of our planet. Learn more at

R.F. MacDonald Co. is available to immediately handle all AMT sales and service in California.

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Industry: Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Systems