Vote Cleaver-Brooks ProFire SBR Burner Product of the Year


The Cleaver-Brooks ProFire SBR burner is a Product of the Year finalist in the HVAC category for Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine

Boiler-EngineeringNominated in the HVAC: Air Movement, Compressors, etc. category, the low-NOx, dual-fuel burner is capable of less than 5 PPM NOx emissions. For air quality districts where emissions below 5 PPM are required, such as California and elsewhere, the SBR-5 burner with FGR is available. The SBR features a unique firing head design to achieve controlled combustion leading to low emissions with 3% O2. Advanced technology allows the SBR burner to offer low-NOx, low CO emissions and up to 10:1 turndown on natural gas.

The winner is voted on by industry professionals and if chosen, the SBR burner will be recognized as the innovative new product of the year that continues to raise the bar for the industry. Voting ends Sept. 10, 2021.

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The winner will be announced in December 2021.