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Taco Pumps Decreases Hotel Operating Costs

Taco Pumps Decreases Hotel Operating Costs by Upgrading Its Hot Water Control System

Written by Taco Comfort Solutions, a Taco Family Company

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Taco has developed a unique comprehensive program for the hospitality industry designed to maximize guest comfort and decrease operating costs

Taco Pumps Provide More Revenue for Hotel Property

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, deriving more revenue from a property is critical. This can be accomplished by increasing occupancy rates, decreasing expenses or a combination of these two key contributors that make up the “bottom line”. Taco has focused on both of these aspects of property ownership, evaluating ways to increase guest comfort because increased guest comfort results in repeat stays and higher occupancy rates. In addition, significant operating savings result in improved financial results. It’s the equivalent of higher occupancy rates. It’s like adding rooms without making the investment in construction.


Taco Pumps Offer Instant Hot Water

Enjoy instant hot water comfort while avoiding a major renovation. Taco Pumps patented Hot-LinkPlus-e™ system installs easily into existing plumbing with a tank water heater. No dedicated hot water return line is needed!

The system combines the ECM high-efficiency 006e3™ hot water circulator with the award-winning SmartPlug Instant Hot Water Control® and Hot-Link® Valve for maximum comfort and efficiency. Choose the TacoGenie® for applications in need of an extra boost to get hot water to the fixtures. Install the motion-activated TacoGenie under the most remote kitchen or bath fixture to enjoy instant hot water and increased savings.

LOFlo® Injection Pumping

The Taco LOFlo System is used in hydronic heating and cooling systems to significantly reduce the flow of water. Typically used in radiant panel (ceiling, wall or floor) and chilled beam (passive and active) applications, the technology significantly reduces pump flows and pipe sizes for reduced energy consumption and lower first costs. The LOFlo System also provides precise control of supply water to the terminal, e.g. chilled beam and precise control of room temperatures.

Taco Pumps Reduced Energy Consumption

LoadMatch® System

A LoadMatch® system is the marriage of two old ideas wrapped around a new technology. The old ideas are single pipe distribution and primary-secondary pumping. The new technology consists of the use of maintenance-free wet rotor circulators. The primary distribution system is a single pipe loop; the secondary distribution system is a decoupled secondary piping loop for each terminal unit in the system. The wet rotor circulator provides the specified flow to each terminal unit at all times. Every LoadMatch® system can provide both heating and cooling capabilities in single-pipe circuits, using common terminal units. The desired heating/cooling mode is chosen at the thermostat and the corresponding circulator is automatically selected.

Maintenance Free Circulators

Building Controls Analysis

Taco Pumps also extends to a property’s control systems. In many cases, outdated control systems lead to unnecessary maintenance costs and poor system performance. A Taco Comfort Solutions engineering specialist can assist in determining the feasibility of upgrading or replacing a building’s current control system.

Taco’s industry leading Clarity3™ control platform can provide powerful control options for any property and can be integrated into existing building controls through the GCE integration platform. This means seamless integration with most control manufacturers and advanced building analytics. Clarity3 by Taco’s Innovative Energy Solutions helps building owners find, learn and act. Choose the system that is simple to use, narrowing the focus to what is truly needed. Easy-to-use dashboards make reporting easy to understand, giving owners the confidence to act on reliable information. Clarity3 open protocol integration capability means that owners are no longer tied to proprietary systems or single-source suppliers.

Guestroom HVAC Efficiency Update Program

Based on an actual case study, Taco Pumps modernization program met all of their clients’ program goals and resulted in significant cost savings.

First, a 500 room hotel saved $1.3 million dollars by updating an existing system as opposed to installing new equipment. In addition, room air flow increased while noise decibels decreased significantly and supply air temperatures dropped by over 5 percent, resulting in lower costs for air conditioning.

Experience has shown that improving room comfort has long lasting benefits. Our modernization program reduces noise levels, improves air quality, eliminates room odors, and prevents the formation of mold which can lead to expensive remediation efforts. Guests are treated to improved facilities that lead to repeat stays.

In addition to improved occupancy, owners benefit from reduced operating costs, longer equipment life and significantly improved Trip Advisor scores from satisfied guests.

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Taco is a third generation family owned American manufacturer of quality hydronic components and comfort systems. Based in Cranston, RI. Taco manufactures electronic controls, scalable, compatible web-based building monitoring and management controls, valves, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, high efficiency variable speed drives, ECM pumps and circulators and ancillary products. Our LoadMatch® and LOFlo® single pipe comfort systems are recognized as the most efficient, cost effective hydronic systems on the market.

Taco is a people company that understands the value of solid working relationships backed with design assistance and support for the life of the system. We are here before, during, and after your project to help you bring your systems up to peak efficiency as quickly and economically as possible. We do business with a personal touch because we believe that your personal success is as important as the success of the project.

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