Steam Boiler Operators Workshop - Sacramento, CA

Steam Boiler Operators Workshop – Sacramento, CA

Steam Boiler Operators Workshop

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Boiler Operator TrainingDATE & TIME
Aug. 20-21, 2024
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (both days)
R.F. MacDonald Co.
1016 N. Market Blvd, Ste. 10
Sacramento, CA 95834
$1,150 – Includes continental breakfast and lunch both days and training materials. Pay with credit card or company PO.
This two-day workshop is designed for maintenance personnel as well as plant, stationary or mechanical engineers responsible for boiler installation and repair. All attendees will gain/re-review basic working knowledge of boiler room equipment and examine local boiler regulations. AFE Certified.

Topics Covered
• Steam Overview
• Steam Tables
• Different Names and Terminology for Steam
• Flash Steam
• Flash Steam Recovery           
• Steam Quality
• Steam and Condensate Systems
• Steam Valves
• Condensate Recovery Systems (Tanks and Pumping Systems)          
• Steam Trap Stations
• Waterhammer
• Pressure Let Down Control Valves
• Steam Leakage (Causes and Corrections)
• Safety Valves
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Steam Balancing
• Pressurized Condensate Systems

Equipment Covered
• Gas regulators
• Modulation Motors
• Water Level Floats
• Water Level Probes
• Gas Pressure Switches
• Digital Volt Meter Use
• Motor Starters & Relays
• Gas Safety Valves
• Gas Burners
• Safety Valves
• Burner Management Controllers
• Parallel Positioning and Metering

Anyone seeking a basic working knowledge of boiler room equipment will benefit from this class. This course provides a certificate approved by the CWEA (California Water Environment Association) and the AFE (Association for Facilities Engineering) and the hours can be applied towards the continuing education requirement for re-certification. This workshop will address the minimum state requirements for boiler operators and can be a part of their training to meet those requirements in order to comply with the law.
   Requires: (5) CEU credits every (3) years
   Employment Credits: 1 year = 1 credit
   Academic Credits: 10 hours = 1 credit
   Earned for 2-Day Boiler Class: 8hrs per day x 2 days = 1.6 credits
   • Certified Professional Maint. Manager (CPMM)
   • Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS)
   • Certified Plant Engineer (CPE)