Steam Systems Training - Santa Fe Springs (LA/OC)

Steam System Training – SFS

Steam System Training (Engineer Focused)

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Boiler MaintenanceDATE & TIME
May 7/8, 2024
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (both days)
R.F. MacDonald Co.
10261 Matern Place
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
$1,150 – Includes continental breakfast and lunch both days and training materials. Pay with credit card or company PO.
Inveno Engineering, LLC, uses a Steam Team Group Concept where the attendees work in teams of two or three people per training team. Our instructors will provide steam engineering knowledge and demonstrate that knowledge to the class using specially designed “Steam System Training Printouts”. The training teams will work with the steam system training prints and complete tasks to demonstrate proficiency of the presented and acquired knowledge. The Steam Team Group Concept is to insure maximized comprehension of the training course. The training course will provide an overview of each subject that is listed in the course outline.

Topics Covered
• Steam Overview
• Steam Tables
• Different Names and Terminology for Steam
• Flash Steam
• Flash Steam Recovery           
• Steam Quality
• Steam and Condensate Systems
• Steam Valves
• Condensate Recovery Systems (Tanks and Pumping Systems)          
• Steam Trap Stations
• Waterhammer
• Pressure Let Down Control Valves
• Steam Leakage (Causes and Corrections)
• Safety Valves
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Steam Balancing
• Pressurized Condensate Systems

Equipment Covered
• Gas regulators
• Modulation Motors
• Water Level Floats
• Water Level Probes
• Gas Pressure Switches
• Digital Volt Meter Use
• Motor Starters & Relays
• Gas Safety Valves
• Gas Burners
• Safety Valves
• Burner Management Controllers
• Parallel Positioning and Metering

Attendees will be given a completion certificate approved by the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE), giving you continuing education units (CEUs) toward re-certification. This workshop also addresses the minimum state requirements for boiler operators and should help you better understand your local boiler operation and safety laws.
This course also provides a certificate approved by the AFE (Association for Facilities Engineering) and the hours can be applied towards the continuing education requirement for re-certification. This workshop will address the minimum state requirements for boiler operators and can be a part of their training to meet those requirements in order to comply with the law.
   Requires: (5) CEU credits every (3) years
   Employment Credits: 1 year = 1 credit
   Academic Credits: 10 hours = 1 credit
   Earned for 2-Day Boiler Class: 8hrs per day x 2 days = 1.6 credits
   • Certified Professional Maint. Manager (CPMM)
   • Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS)
   • Certified Plant Engineer (CPE)