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Taco PF Series Heat Exchangers

Taco PF Series Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Heat ExchangerTaco PF Series Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers are designed, constructed, and tested in accordance to ASME requirements. They’re made to be efficiently maintained, like the use of glue-free gaskets to allow faster gasket replacement on site, and to have a wide range of heat exchange applications.

  • • ASME designed & built
  • • GPM: 50 – 7,000
  • • Connection Sizes: 1″ – 20″




  • Constructed to be applicable in various layouts and require minimal space for installation

  • Glue-free gaskets allow for faster maintenance and gasket replacement on-site

  • Backed by Taco’s reputation for quality and dependability


The PF Series is ideal various applications and circumstances, but most common are:

  • Economizer Free Cooling
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Water Cooling
  • Water Source Heat Pump Freeze Protection Isolation
  • Campus (District) Heating and Cooling
  • Industrial Processes
  • Pressure Zone Isolation


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