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Taco SmartDrive TSL Controller

Taco SmartDrive + TSL VFD Controller

SmartDrive ControllerIdeal for controlling domestic water boosters or running HVAC applications using Delta P or Delta T, the SmartDRIVE HVAC can handle any job thanks to its outstanding features. Available in a wide power range, the VFD has all the functionality to deliver the efficiency expected of today’s complex HVAC systems. Product range includes:

200 – 240 V/ 3 phase….. 1.5 – 60 HP
280 – 480 V/ 3 phase….. 1.5 – 1350 HP
520 – 600 V/ 3 phase….. 1.5 – 1350 HP
200 – 240 V/ 1 phase….. 1.5 – 10 HP



Available enclosure ratings:
NEMA TYPE 12 / IP 55
Onboard Controller
4 x auto tuned PID’s

Harmonic suppression standard:
Integrated dual DC-link choke
Equivalent: 5% AC input line reactor
Supporting IEEE 519-1992 requirements


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