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Taco SmartDrive VP Vertical Panel

Taco SmartDrive +TSL VP Vertical Panel Bypass Controller

SmartDrive VP VFDTaco’s premium design standards extend to our SmartDRIVE SP, where customization is the name of the game. Multiple enclosure ratings, bypass control styles, and physical arrangements give you all the choices you need for a trouble-free, highly flexible and efficient solution. Product range includes:

200 – 240 V/ 3 phase….. 7.5 – 60 HP
380 – 480 V/ 3 phase….. 15 – 125 HP
525 – 600 V/ 3 phase….. 15 – 125 HP
With 110% overload torque



Available enclosure ratings:
Onboard Controller
4 x auto tuned PID’s

Harmonic suppression standard:
Integrated dual DC-link choke
Equivalent: 5% AC input line reactor
Supporting IEEE 519-1992 requirements


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