Heat Pumps - Galletti Model HTH

Heat Pumps – Galletti Model HTH

Galletti Heat Pump Model HTH

heat pumpsPackaged heat pumps with wide working range for outdoor installation. R.F. MacDonald Co. is currently specifying Galletti Model HTH for building electrification projects.
• Hot water up to 149°F
• Continuous operating down to -4°F
• High efficiency under partial load conditions
• COP up to 3.74
• Low noise
• Modularity up to 6 units
• 3-way valve management for DHW

Product Overview

HTH HS is Galletti’s new range of air-cooled packaged modular heat pump chillers for outdoor installation featuring R410A EVI compressors. The range consists of multiple models with heating and cooling capacities ranging from 14 to 54 tons.

The use of top quality components at the cutting edge of technology makes HTH HS modular heat pump chillers state of the art in terms of efficiency, reliability, and operating limits.

The main strong point of this series is the large operating field with continuous operating down to -4°F.

HTH HS is a low noise design and embedded with advanced adjustment logics (like domestic hot water production with an external 3 way valve), and remote connectivity.

The modular structure with V configuration condensing coils is designed to optimize air-side heat exchange, to ensure structural strength with a reduced footprint, and to maintain maximum accessibility to the basic components.

In order to increase the efficiency at partial loads, the HTH HS range uses up to 4 compressors.


  • Optimized V configuration condensing coils and fans
  • Stable and sturdy during critical phases such as transportation
  • Maximum accessibility to components
  • Uses non-rusting carbon steel

Scroll Compressors with Vapor Injection:

  • Single and dual-circuit range
  • Maximum redundancy
  • Distributes load in multiple power steps
  • Uses tandem solutions (2 compressors on a single circuit)
  • Maximum efficiency at partial loads resulting in seasonal efficiency
  • Intercooled compression with vapor injection
  • Low evaporation pressures and high compression pressures
  • One of the largest operating fields/ranges on the market

Electronic Expansion Valve:

  • Offers responsiveness during transients
  • Electronics manage synergistic operation of compressors and valve
  • Vary superheat and maximize efficiency at partial loads