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Hubbell Water Heaters – Electric

hubbell-water-heaters-made-in-usaCommercial Electric Water Heating. Hubbell Heaters has fabricated modern high-temperature water heaters for over 100 years. Our commercial and industrial water heaters and tanks are utilized in a wide variety of industries.
• Hydrastone cement lining provides longer tank life
• Copper-silicon alloy tappings cannot rust or corrode
• High impact composite jacket eliminates damage
• Polyurethane foam insulation reduces heat loss
• Built-in heat trap lowers operating costs
• Made in America

Product Overview

As an engineered electric water heater supplier, Hubbell has experience manufacturing a wide variety of water heating equipment with many different materials of construction. We work with the engineer to determine the best materials for their application. We have over 100 years of experience designing water heaters for demanding commercial applications and can recommend appropriately sized units for any project.


As a commercial water heater manufacturer, Hubbell offers a complete line of commercial water heaters, designed and built to ensure product longevity and performance in the most demanding applications. From electric, gas and steam fired to hydronic, solar and heat pump water heaters, we have a water heating solution for you. Our models are constructed with only the highest quality materials including 304 and 316 L stainless steel, 90/10 copper-nickel and hydrastone cement linings.

To meet the various needs of our customers, Hubbell offers an extensive range of storage capacities (from 1 gallon up to 3,000 gallon tanks) providing you with the best product offering in the business. Hotels, restaurants, schools, stadiums, shopping centers, universities, public buildings, and other similar locations will benefit from installing a Hubbell commercial water heater. Engineered and designed to fit your specifications, all Hubbell products are built in the U.S. in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities, meeting all of the current standards including: cULus, ASME, ASHRAE, ANSI/NSF5.


Hubbell industrial water heating products are trusted all over the world by engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, specifiers, architects, and more. Hubbell has built a solid reputation in the water heating industry as a “solution provider”. Whatever the application, fuel source, or industry, Hubbell can solve your water heating problems. We offer a wide range of turnkey and modular solutions for industrial water heating applications using gas, steam, boiler water, and electricity. Our products are built to withstand even the most demanding applications, and are the industry’s longest lasting, trouble-free source of hot water. Processing plants, paper manufacturers, metal finishing plants, food processing, water and wastewater treatment plants will benefit from installing a Hubbell industrial water heater, customized to fit your specific needs. All Hubbell products are engineered and manufactured in the U.S., in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities, meeting all of the current standards including: cULus, ASME, ASHRAE, ANSI/NSF5.