Cleaver-Brooks Slant-VC Heat Recovery Steam Generator — Steam Only

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CB HRSG Model Slant-VC


HRSGCleaver-Brooks Slant series natural circulation heat recovery steam generators feature the Slant model and VC (Vertical Drum Cross Flow) model. Both models are tailored to applications with gas-side inlet temperature less than 1,700°F.

• Steam flow 10,000 to 150,000 lb/hr
• Steam pressures up to 2,300 psig
• Steam temperatures to 1,050°F
• Available to less than 2 ppm NOx
• Single-pass design for lower gas-side pressure drop
• Ease of access to tubes for inspection and maintenance
• Compact design results in low installation costs

Product Overview

The Slant model offers an integral steam and water (mud) drum positioned diagonally which maximizes the amount of heating surface for a given shipping profile creating a compact design for efficient heat recovery.

The VC model is a drum-over-drum design well suited for higher steam pressure applications, integrated CO/SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems, and horizontal exhaust flow arrangements.


• Cold casing design with 300 and 400 series stainless steel or A-242/A-588 inner liners, depending on the gas-side temperature and service
• Multiple gas flow options conform to space restrictions and minimize cost
• Unheated downcomers, completely external to the boiler casing
• Multiple casing options including membrane wall construction
• Can accommodate selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and CO catalyst


• Lower Fuel Cost
• Lower Emissions
• Steam Solutions


• Process Steam
• Industrial Process
• Building Heat
• Hospital and Healthcare
• Power and Utilities
• Refineries and Petrochemical