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Camus DynaFLO

Camus Boiler – DynaFLO

Domestic Hot Water HeaterThe DynaFLO is a prepackaged domestic hot water system that has the highest outlet temperature accuracy as well as one of the smallest footprints in the industry. DynaFLO can fit in the smallest boiler rooms to provide accurate domestic hot water temperatures while enhancing the efficiency of the modern condensing boilers.

  • High-efficiency condensing boiler
  • Available in 12 different models
  • Pre-packaged, instantaneous system
  • Up to 340 GPM of (DHW) at 60°F Delta T
  • High outlet temperature


Choice in Size and Material:

The DynaFLO is available in 12 different models ranging up to 340 GPM of domestic hot water (DHW) at 60°F Delta T. It is equipped with a 3-way motorized valve, a very accurate PID based control and a variety of options in material.

Accurate and Precise Control:

Under steady flow, DynaFLO’s ultra-precise control system keeps the outlet temperature within +/-1°F of setpoint which is unheard of in the industry!

Patent Pending IntelliFLO Technology:

Never get burned again! Equipped with Camus’ patent pending IntelliFLO technology DynaFLO can keep the domestic water outlet temperature within +/-°2F of user selected setpoint under sudden load fluctuations (50% load drop within seconds). This technology therefore allows DynaFLO to prevent sudden temperature spikes.

Effortless Operation:

With DynaFLO’s control system, unlike some other competitors’ products, there is no need for adjusting control related parameters. All PID parameters have been rigorously fine-tuned through months of in-depth testing and analysis. Parameters related to Camus Hydronics’ patent pending IntelliFLO technology automatically adjust to adapt to different load conditions to keep DHW outlet temperature accurate even under harsh load swings.


  • One of the smallest footprints in the industry < 6.5 ft2.
  • DHW side pipping material options: Stainless Steel and Copper
  • Boiler side pipping material options: Stainless Steel, Black Iron or Copper
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger – low maintenance as there are no gaskets
  • Choice of double wall or single wall heat exchanger
  • Victaulics for easy removal and maintenance of the heat exchanger
  • 3-way electronic control valve
  • Inlet Strainers on boiler and DHW side
  • Anti-Scaling circulation pump
  • Pressure relief valve
  • T&P valve (optional)
  • Boiler side differential pressure gauge (optional)
  • System isolation valves
  • Air vent
  • Precise control system that maintains DHW outlet temperature to within +/-1°F of setpoint under steady flow conditions
  • Patent pending IntelliFLO Technology maintains DHW outlet temperature (+/-2°F of setpoint) under load fluctuations thereby preventing sudden temperature spikes (optional)
  • No need for PID fine tuning or any control related parameter adjusting
  • Full color 4.3” user friendly HMI
  • Modbus communications
  • Remote operation capability
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Dedicated alarm contacts
  • Data-Logging
  • Plug and play installation (120VAC Single Phase)
  • Fuse protected
  • Separate Pump On/Off switch
  • Glycol system compatible — contact RFMCO for use in Glycol system application