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Camus DynaPac

Camus Boiler – DynaPac

domestic hot water heaterThe DynaPac is a dynamic package combining all the advantages of the DynaMax heating models 083, 103, 153, 203 and 253 with versatile fan coil units which can be used for space heating and cooling.

  • Instantaneous dhw, brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Household never runs out of hot water
  • Fan coil for space heating
  • Rack mounted and pre-piped
  • Connection ready — water, gas, power and operator
  • Cooling has S.E.E.R. rating of 13
  • Heater sized for maximum load conditions



  • Cooling coil up to 3 tons capacity – available for chilled water or refrigerant
  • Heating coil capacity of up to 88,597 BTU/h
  • Low profile mounting rack for reduced overhead clearance
  • Control Panel Highlights
  • Offering all the features of the DynaMAX line of heaters
  • The DynaPac is set to run in Heating / DHW mode
  • When the optional cooling coil is ordered, it is set for Heating / Cooling /DHW mode
  • Regardless of heating or the heating / cooling configuration, DHW is always the first priority