Commercial ClearFire-C Hydronic Condensing Boiler — Steam & Hot Water

CB Boiler Model CFC

CB Boiler Model CFC

Condensing CF-CThe ClearFire-C fully condensing hydronic boiler is a vertical down-fired design offering high efficiency and low NOx technology.

  • Fully condensing hydronic boiler
  • 500 to 3,300 MBTU
  • Natural gas and propane
  • 125 psi
  • Standard less than 20 ppm NOx
  • Vertical down-fired design
  • Up to 99% efficiency at low fire


Product Overview

The ClearFire-C is a vertical down-fired, stainless steel, fully condensing boiler, available in seven sizes. The AluFer® tubes with fireside extended heating surface provide maximum heat transfer for superior performance in a compact package.

This unit will offer up to 99% efficiency at low fire and 97% at high fire, with 80°F return water temperature.

The modulating premix burner control automatically adjusts the air/gas mixture for maximum efficiency. The linkageless burner provides up to 5:1 turndown.

The dual return feature allows condensing performance even with standard 180°/160°F design systems, with as little as 10% flow at 130°F or less from a low-temperature source.

The ClearFire-C comes standard with the Falcon touch-screen total boiler control to most efficiently operate your boiler system.


  • Stainless steel combustion chamber, tubes, and tube sheet
  • Dual temperature return for additional energy savings potential
  • Optional dual gas train for critical backup fuel source
  • Falcon total boiler control with lead lag capability up to 8 boilers
  • Fresh air inlet connection for sealed combustion
  • Low hydraulic resistance
  • Waterside inspection
  • Hinged burner for easy access
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • cULus listed for natural gas and propane
  • Quiet: <70 dBA sound level at 3 feet


  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Lower Emissions
  • Hot Water Solution


  • Building Heat
  • Education
  • Hospital and Healthcare