Commercial Hydronic Non-Condensing Boiler — Hot Water Only

Non-Condensing/Copper-Fin Boilers

Non-Condensing / Copper-Fin Boilers

Camus Hydronics offers non-condensing, near condensing and fully condensing boilers. Non-condensing boilers include a single heat exchanger, emit a higher temperature at combustion outlet and have a lower initial cost whereas hydronic condensing boilers are more complex and more expensive to maintain. One benefit of non-condensing boilers is the elimination of corrosion due to condensation.
watertube boiler


DynaFlame Domestic Hot Water Boiler

• Single point input adjustment — air/gas
• 1:1 air/gas ratio control
• Advanced digital control system
• Proven hot surface ignition
• 4-20mA for setpoint or modulation control

MicoFlame Series, Grande, Modulating
MicoFlame Grande Domestic Hot Water Boiler

• Low NOx
• Up to 85% efficiency – non-condensing mode
• Up to 95% efficiency – condensing mode
• Durable metal fibre mesh burner
• Vents up to 60 feet horizontally