Commercial DynaFlame Hydronic Copper Fin Boiler — Hot Water Only

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Camus Boiler Model DynaFlame

Camus Model DynaFlame

Camus Boiler Model DynaFlameThe DynaFlame is our leading edge product with models ranging from 500,000 BTU to 6 million BTU (the first in the industry for this style of Boiler/Water Heater). All models are available in non-condensing, near-condensing or fully condensing modes. The primary heat exchanger is available in copper/cu-ni or stainless steel.

• Single point input adjustment for controlling air and gas
• 1 to 1 air/gas ratio for perfect modulation throughout
• Advanced digital control system with pin point accuracy
• Proven hot surface ignition with soft start, rumble free
• 4-20mA for setpoint or modulation control
• Proven pilot ignition on models above 3 million BTU/hr

Standard Features:

• 0-10 VDC Converter (must be specified)
• Lead lag capability up to 8 boilers
• DHW sensor (domestic only) and system sensor (heating only)
• Modbus RTU communication
• Direct ignition up to 2.5 million BTU/hr
• Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger (condensing models only)

Control Panel Features:

The DynaFlame is controlled by an integrated Honeywell SOLA controller. The 7” color touch screen provides remote operation through the 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc for set point or fire rate control. Paired with the ability to control multiple pump operation along with daisy chain set up for up to 8 boilers, this user friendly control also provides you with a USB output for screenshot capture, as well as password access for service personnel. Up to 8 SOLA devices may be monitored and controlled with one single display.


In a world where we are becoming more connected, the DynaFlame is ready to enter this revolutionary phase in building automation. All DynaFlame boilers are equipped with standard Modbus RTU communication protocol to allow for BMS access to boiler operation. The remote monitoring of a boiler plant allows for complete overview of various boiler-related temperatures, boiler status, pump activation, boiler error codes and more. This is not just limited to read-only parameters, as a BMS is permitted to write setpoint temperatures, enable/disable and remotely send and receive firing rate requests.

To further evolve and adapt to the changing marketplace, the DynaFlame is available with BacnetIP, BacnetMSTP, LonWorks and MetasysN2 protocol support. All the features available in the Modbus RTU realm are carried into these protocol’s with the use of a highly advanced, yet user friendly, Fieldserver Protonode. The Fieldserver Protonode is equipped with Ethernet or RS485 connectivity and is BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratory) Certified. This approval assures that we carry only the highest quality products with optimum performance and utmost ease of connectivity.