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Xylem Goulds Marlow Series Pump

Xylem Goulds Water Tech Marlow Series Prime Line Pump

Xylem Marlow Series Pump
The Marlow Series Prime Line Pump comes in different configurations of a reliable, self-priming centrifugal design. With a multi-valve diffuser priming system, the Marlow Prime Line series is the industry’s standard for dependable trouble-free pumping. Comes as either close-coupled or frame-mounted construction.

  • • Capacities up to 450 GPM
  • • Heads up to 250 feet


Using the Marlow Series Pump

  • High suction inlet and internal suction check valve keeps more liquid in the casing for faster priming and re-priming (Priming times under 10 minutes)

  • The patented diffuser design allows impeller trim, reduces internal wear, and eliminates radial loads

  • Enclosed, trimmable impellers provide efficiencies from 60-75% for low energy costs

  • Four pump groups allow performance to be changed with replaceable impellers and diffusers

  • Simplifies maintenance by allowing the casing to remain in the piping during disassembly


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