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Xylem Goulds Model LB Pump

Xylem Goulds Water Tech Model LB Booster Pump

Xylem LB Booster
The Model LB is a residential/commercial, booster pump designed to provide an economical alternative for small booster sets with flow requirements up to 18 GPM and heads up to 190 feet. Ideal applications include R/O systems and potable water boosting.

  • • Capacities up to 20 GPM
  • • Heads up to 190 feet
  • • Pressures up to 85 PSIG
  • • Temperatures up tp 140°F


Using the Model LB Booster Pump

  • Impellers, guide vanes, and motor adapters are high strength and light weight engineered composite

  • Full 60 Hz performance

  • Stainless steel casing construction with NPT threaded, centerline connections, easily accessible vent, prime and drain connections (nine position casing rotation for easy piping)

  • Ideal for R/O systems and potable water boosting


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