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Inoxpa DIN-FOOD Pump

Inoxpa DIN-FOOD Hygienic Pump

inoxpa DIN-FOOD

High Capacity, Close-Coupled Pump

The DIN-FOOD pump is a hygienic high capacity centrifugal pump designed to cater for an unfulfilled need in the food-processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • • Capacities up to 4,400 GPM
  • • Heads up tp 300 feet
  • • Temperatures up to 284°F
  • • Pressures up to 145 PSI



  • Housed inside the casing, the impeller rotates in conjunction with the pump shaft. With this arrangement, the impeller blades convey energy to the fluid in the form of kinetic energy and pressure energy. This pump is not reversible by a simple reversal of the direction of rotation. The direction of rotation is clockwise when the pump is viewed from the rear side of the motor.

  • Casing with volute manufactured with 8 mm cold-formed plate

  • Double curvature impeller with blades on the rear side to reduce the axial thrust

  • Aseptic flanges in accordance with DIN 11864-2


  • Brewing Process
  • Dairy Process
  • General Beverage Industry
  • Ultra-filtering Process
  • Textile Industry
  • Chemical Process*
  • Cosmetics*
  • Pharmaceutical*

*Ideal for specific uses within the application, not a general service

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