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Toyo Hevvy DP Series Pump

Toyo Hevvy DP Series Pump

Toyo Hevvy DP

Vertical Submersible Pump

The Toyo submersible DP series were specifically designed to pick up and transport abrasive materials with the least amount of water. The design incorporates the patented Toyo agitator, open passages with easy passage of solids, heavy duty shaft, and more.

  • • Capacities up to 3,200 GPM
  • • Heads up to 130 feet
  • • Handles up to 70% solids



  • If your pump performance requirements change, simply change the pumping end to ensure you are always achieving maximum productivity and efficiency

  • No need to buy a brand new piece of equipment when system requirements change, just change the pump end. If you can standardize on the same pumping ends throughout your plant then you can greatly reduce the need for excessive spare parts inventory

  • The DP is a pump and excavator in one by incorporating the patented Toyo Agitator, attached directly to the pump shaft. The agitator eliminates solids accumulating on the sump floor and can significantly reduce maintenance costs, such as from digging out sumps and downtime due to solids build up choking off the suction of conventional pumps.

  • Allows you the flexibility of using different wet end options on various drive configurations. This advantage of the Toyo Product Line can significantly reduce spare parts inventory to an absolute minimum

  • Line designed for full 50/60 Hz performance


  • Dredging
  • Ocean Sand Mining
  • Tailings Ponds
  • Fly Ash/Bottom Ash
  • Sand and Gravel Excavation
  • Hazardous Waste Clean-up
  • Tank Clean Up
    Also use to Clean Sumps, including:

  • Cement Plants
  • Agricultural Wash Down Pits
  • Pipeline Burial
  • Coke Pits
  • Mill Scale/Slag Pit
  • Barge Unloading
  • Silt Removal


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