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Grundfos TPE3 Series Pump

Grundfos TPE3 Series Pump

Grundfos TPE3

Vertical In-Line Circulator Pump

The Grundfos TPE3 Series vertical in-line pump provides unrivalled efficiency and a wide range of intelligent functionalities. The TPE3 has a built-in heat energy meter and flow limiting functions that eliminate the need for a throttling valve. With a wide range of intelligent control modes, the pump can be configured for any system.

  • • Capacities up to 345 GPM
  • • Temperatures up to 248 °F
  • • Pressures up to 232 PSI



  • With a number of configurable relays and analog inputs, the complete TPE3 I/O package allows for better system monitoring and optimal pump regulation
    It is also supplied with wireless technology which enables it to connect with up to four single TPE3 pumps
    Connect and set-up any HVAC sensor to TPE3 and let the pump take charge of the system pressure and flow on basis of the ΔT and ΔP in the system
    The intelligent TPE3 is a true plug-and-pump solution

  • In Grundfos TPE3 pumps, coupling and shaft have been friction-welded together to create a completely stable mechanical unit. This drastically reduces vibration levels and prolongs the lifetime of both shaft seal and bearings

  • Cataphoresis surface treatment consisting of Powercron® cathodic electrocoating and zinc phosphate coating
    Maximal protection against corrosion
    Cataphoresis on the inside of the pump keeps efficiency high

  • Enables less downtime when servicing the pump

  • Integrated sensor measures differential pressure over the pump for increased efficiency

  • Specially designed, innovative clamp ring allows for fast repositioning of pump housing and fast service of pump


  • One-String Heating Systems
  • Heat Recovery System
  • Boiler Shunt Pump
  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation


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