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Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

A mechanical seal is one of the most important components of a successfully operating pump system. These seals allow for the equipment to contain the fluid within the vessel and maintain active pressure while resisting friction produced from shaft rotation. The proper use of a mechanical seal directly impacts the efficiency and longevity of an active pump, therefore correctly positioning and maintaining the seal(s) for your system is essential. The experts at R.F. MacDonald Co. will make sure you have the right component and service needed to maintain your system at peak performance.

John Crane

John Crane MechanicalNorthern CA, Southern CA

• Dry Gas
• Elastomer Bellows
• Labyrinth
• Metal Bellows
• Non-contacting
• Non-Pusher-Elastomer
• O-Ring Pusher
• PTFE Bellows
• PTFE Wedge
• Slurry
• Split
• Vessel and Agitator