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Sealless Pumps


Sealless pumps are designed with the impeller shaft contained in a sealed, pressurized vessel (called the containment shell) that contains the process fluid. Leakage of the pump fluid into the surrounding environment is prevented by the exclusive use of static, rather than dynamic, sealing technology. R.F. MacDonald Co. offers sealless pumps manufactured by ITT Goulds and Viking.

ITT Goulds

sealless pumpNorthern CA, Southern CA

• Goulds 3299
• Goulds ICM
• Goulds V 3298
• Goulds 3298
• Goulds SP 3298



sealless pumpsSouthern CA

• Endure AB-Series
• Endure MC-Series

Viking Pump

sealless pumpNorthern CA, Southern CA

• Mag-Drive