Commercial Boilers and Pumps — R.F. MacDonald Co.

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps, composites and accessories for commercial and industrial applications.

Commercial Pumps

Commercial Pumps


Commercial Pumping and HVAC Solutions

Pump VFD

• Control domestic water boosters
• Run HVAC applications
• Wide power range


FI Series
Centrifugal Pump

• Cast iron casing
• Allows back pull without disturbing piping
• Low cost, replaceable wear rings


CI Series
Centrifugal Pumping

• Flush seal line protects seal
• 1/4 NPT pressure tapping
• Standard ceramic seals for flexibility


Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger
heat exchanger commercial applications

• Computerized product selection
• Compact and easy to service
• Dependable


KV Series
Taco Pump

• Designed for optimum performance
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Ideal for HVAC & industrial applications


GT Series
Vertical Pump

• Single-stage, double suction split-case
• Reliable with easy installation
• Cast iron pump casing


2400 Series Cirulators
Pump circulator

• For medium-to-high flow/head application
• Quiet, efficient, dependable operation
• hydronic heating, cooling & recirculation


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
heat exchangers

• Leak guard, double wall
• Steam to liquid
• Liquid to liquid


Taco Pump Product Line