Commercial Boilers and Pumps — R.F. MacDonald Co.

R.F. MacDonald Co. services and sells boilers, pumps, composites and accessories for commercial and industrial applications.

Commercial Pumps

Commercial Pumps


Commercial Pumping and HVAC Solutions

Taco SmartDrive
Pump VFD

• Control domestic water boosters
• Run HVAC applications
• Wide power range


Taco FI Series
Centrifugal Pump

• Cast iron casing
• Allows back pull without disturbing piping
• Low cost, replaceable wear rings


Taco CI Series
Centrifugal Pumping

• Flush seal line protects seal
• 1/4 NPT pressure tapping
• Standard ceramic seals for flexibility


Taco Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
heat exchanger commercial applications

• Computerized product selection
• Compact and easy to service
• Dependable


Taco KV Series
Taco Pump

• Designed for optimum performance
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Ideal for HVAC & industrial applications


Taco GT Series
Vertical Pump

• Single-stage, double suction split-case
• Reliable with easy installation
• Cast iron pump casing


Taco 2400 Series Cirulators
Pump circulator

• For medium-to-high flow/head application
• Quiet, efficient, dependable operation
• hydronic heating, cooling & recirculation


Taco U-Tube Heat Exchangers
heat exchangers

• Leak guard, double wall
• Steam to liquid
• Liquid to liquid


Taco Pump Product Line