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Xylem Goulds Water Technology End Suction Pumps

Xylem Goulds Water Technology End Suction Pumps

A-C Series 2000 Pump

Xylem A-C 2000 Series Pumps (both)

Frame-Mounted or Close-Coupled
• Size options make series versatile
• Ideal for general pumping and water transfer

Model 2AM32-P Pump

Xylem 2AM32-P Pump

Self-Priming, Engine Driven Design
• Non-electric, gasoline fueled engine
• Ideal for safe petroleum pumping

Model 3642 Pump

Xylem Model 3642 Pump

Close-Coupled Design
• Vertical or horizontal mounting options
• Ideal for general pumping with minimal space

Model 3656/3756 Pump

3 Xylem 3656-3756 series Pumps

Various Design Options
• Three pump group options (LH-, S-, M&L-)
• Frame-mounted or close-coupled options

Model 3657/3757 Pump

Xylem Models 3657/3757 Pumps

Frame-Mounted or Close-Coupled
• Adjustable casing and drive motor selection
• Ideal for non-FDA rated pumping

Model e-SH Pump

Xylem e-SH Pumps (both)

Frame-Mounted or Close-Coupled
• Also has bare-shaft pump option
• Ideal for commercial & industrial transfers

Model GT Irri-GATOR Pump

Goulds Model GT Pump

Self-Priming, Compact Design
• FDA compliant impeller
• Ideal for residential irrigation use

Model ICS/ICSF Pump

Xylem Model ICS/ICSF Pumps

Frame-Mounted or Close-Coupled
• Ideal for ultra pure water services
• Used for chemical & general services too

Marlow Prime Line Series

Xylem Marlow Series Pump

Self-Priming, Close-Coupled Design
• Internal suction check valve
• Ideal for residential or commercial use

Model MCC Pump

Xylem MCC Series Pump

Compact Design
• Cast iron casing
• Ideal for residential or commercial use

Model MCS Pump

Xylem MCS Series Pump

Compact Design
• Stainless steel casing
• Ideal for commercial use

Prime Line SP Series Pump

Xylem Model SP Pump

Base-Mounted Design
• Adjustable installation options
• Ideal for irrigation and liquid transfer

Model LB Booster Pump

Xylem LB Booster Pump

Compact Design
• Engineered thermoplastic components
• Economical boosting heads up to 190 feet

Model NPE/NPE-F Pump

Xylem Goulds NPE/-F

Close-Coupled Design
• Compact and adjustable mounting
• Ideal for wide range of general services

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