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RFMCO Offers Boiler Plant Optimization Site Assessments


Boiler plant operations personnel should conduct site assessments to discover potential gaps in existing operations and learn the latest boiler industry standards A boiler plant optimization site assessment is a high-level review of a boiler plant that provides guidance on expected world-class standards of an optimized boiler plant. The BPO identifies four target areas, including...


A Quick Guide to Routine Boiler Service, Maintenance


Add years to a boiler’s life and save thousands of dollars through reliable, efficient operation According to a study conducted by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI), poor maintenance (typically low water safety issues) causes most boiler incidents. If there is not a boiler room operator on staff, contact R.F. MacDonald...


Prometha Boiler Monitoring Nomination

Cleaver-Brooks Prometha Connected Boiler Solutions monitoring technology has been nominated as the Most Valuable Product of 2020 by Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine Ideal for any industry, Prometha offers users the ability to remotely monitor boiler systems from anywhere, which is important during large-scale disruptions such as COVID-19. More importantly, Prometha sends an alert when a...


RFMCO Exemplifies Persistence during COVID-19


R.F. MacDonald Co. boiler and pump field personnel display company core value of persistence and continue providing high-quality service during COVID-19 crisis Even though all RFMCO administrative personnel have transitioned to a work-from-home status, our field personnel continue to work onsite at food plants, hospitals, public utilities and a few other essential businesses. We recognize...


Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance

Optimizing Your Equipment Maintenance by Preventing Emergency Repairs and Predicting Emergency Services Every machine within any industrial, commercial, or residential application requires awareness of its mechanical health. Over time, components wear down as the equipment will require cleaning, repairing, or eventually replacing. The key to maintaining operational efficiency is to reduce downtime by being prepared...