Prometha Boiler Monitoring Nomination

Cleaver-Brooks Prometha Connected Boiler Solutions monitoring technology has been nominated as the Most Valuable Product of 2020 by Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine

Ideal for any industry, Prometha offers users the ability to remotely monitor boiler systems from anywhere, which is important during large-scale disruptions such as COVID-19. More importantly, Prometha sends an alert when a component is out of range and provides actionable insights to help a facility prevent or reduce unplanned downtime, lower operational costs and prolong equipment life. An operator or technician who is notified can log into the boiler system dashboard and view live data along with trending information to immediately start troubleshooting the issue.

Prometha collects data from 250 points on a monitored boiler system every six seconds and remotely displays key performance indicators on a dashboard that makes it easy to track system performance. Users also receive trend reports, actionable insights, and asset diagnostic tools to help improve their facility’s energy efficiency and profitability while also preventing or reducing unplanned downtime.

Prometha’s analytics coupled with the boiler intelligence of Cleaver-Brooks helps technicians identify when the boiler system needs their attention and ascertain component life.

Setup and installation are simple with Prometha’s plug-and-play technology. No onsite programming or configuration is needed. Prometha connects through the Hawk control and easily integrates with boilers from other manufacturers. The product uses a cellular connection and does not require access to a user’s Wi-Fi or LAN, thereby keeping company information secure.


• Real-time access to boiler data on any mobile device
• Email or text alerts indicate when boiler needs attention
• Dashboard displays key information on color-coded gauges
• Detailed reports show performance trends over time
• Cellular data communication protects company data
• Consistent data collection to easily monitor multiple plants
• Simple installation with plug and play technology
• Integrates easily with boilers from other manufacturers

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