MicoFlame Modulating Series Hydronic Condensing Boiler — Hot Water

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Camus Boiler MicoFlame Modulating Series

Camus MicoFlame Modulating Series

Camus Boiler MicoFlame Modulating SeriesMicoFlame Modulating Series of gas fired copper tube boilers is available in Condensing mode (95% efficiency) and Non-Condensing mode (85% efficiency). Modulating control is available for all MicoFlame Series including MicoFlame I, MicoFlame II and MicoFlame Grande.

• Ultra low NOx – under 20 ppm
• Low fire soft start for rumble free operation
• Up to 85% efficiency – non-condensing mode
• Up to 95% efficiency – condensing mode
• Durable metal fibre mesh burner
• Models 300-1000 modulate seamlessly down to 35%
• Models 1200-4000 modulate seamlessly down to 40%

Performance Highlight:

• Models 300 thru 600 vent up to 50 feet horiz. with 50 feet of air intake
• Suitable for use in negative pressure environment
• Complete diagnostic light package
• Easy access for inspection & cleaning of heat exchanger tubes
• Durable ceramic fibre refractory
• Simple to service with easy access to burner and fan

Control Panel Highlights:

• Accurate, fully modulating, proportional and PID control
• Incorporates auto reset high limit & operator
• Eight modes of operation, for Outdoor Reset, Heating, DHW & remote operation
• Port for optional tank sensor
• Optional pump delay
• Flame failure signal
• Displays flame loss & flame proof, inlet/outlet temp’s and delta temp.
• Displays total run HRS up to 999,999
• Molex harness connection for ease of service
• Weather proof enclosure
• Fusible link for over-voltage
• Proven field performance