Heat Pumps Offer Building Decarbonization

electric heat pumps for hot water heating

RFMCO now represents electric heat pump manufacturer Galletti for building electrification projects related to commercial HVAC needs, including building heat

Galletti is a manufacturer of air-to-water heat pumps and has been in business for over 100 years. Galletti has manufactured heat pumps for over 25 years and is a major competitor for heat pumps in California.

How heat pumps work

A heat pump extracts heat from the air using a compressor and a heat exchanger. Once heat is in the heat pump system, it is transferred to the larger hydronic system, ultimately producing either building heat or cooling. According to the Department of Energy, the output of energy in the form of heat is several times greater than that required to power the heat pump, and current heat pump technology is four times more energy efficient than gas boilers.
Electric Heat Pumps, Electric Boiler System 

California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards mandate the use of electrical equipment to provide building heat. However, natural gas boilers may be used if heat pumps satisfy 75 percent of the heating system’s calculated load. In addition, heat pumps are cheaper to run, utilize a smaller footprint, operate at higher temperatures, are unconstrained by outside air temperature/defrost cycles and are a good option for redundancy.

2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

(g) Electric resistance heating. Electric resistance heating systems shall not be used for space heating. Exception 1 to Section 140.4(g): Where an electric resistance heating system supplements a heating system in which at least 60 percent of the annual energy requirement is supplied by site-solar or recovered energy. Exception 2 to Section 140.4(g): Where an electric resistance heating system supplements a heat pump heating system, and the heating capacity of the heat pump is more than 75 percent of the design heating load calculated in accordance with Section 140.4(a) at the design outdoor temperature specified in Section 140.4(b)4

Galletti Heat Pump Model HTH

• 149 F hot water at 12 F
• Continuous operation down to -4 F
• UL Listed
• Rated to ARI
• Up to 778 MBH (54 ton) modules
• High efficiency under partial load
• COP up to 3.74
• Low noise
• Modular units up to 6 in a system
• 3-way valve management for DHW

• Optimized V configuration condensing coils and fans
• Stable and sturdy during critical phases such as transportation
• Maximum accessibility to components
• Uses non-rusting carbon steel

• Single and dual-circuit range
• Maximum redundancy
• Distributes load in multiple power steps
• Uses tandem solutions (2 compressors on a single circuit)
• Maximum efficiency at partial loads resulting in seasonal efficiency
• Intercooled compression with vapor injection
• Low evaporation pressures and high compression pressures
• One of the largest operating fields/ranges on the market

• Offers responsiveness during transients
• Electronics manage synergistic operation of compressors and valve
• Vary superheat and maximize efficiency at partial loads

Heat Pumps in CA & NV - GallettiR.F. MacDonald Co. represents Galletti in California and Nevada

In recent years, R.F. MacDonald Co. has added several energy efficient and all-electric product lines to complement California’s decarbonization initiatives, including Taco Comfort Solutions pumps, Hubbell electric & heat pump water heaters and Tranter heat exchangers