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ITT Goulds Slurry Pumps

ITT Goulds Pumps


Abrasives/Solids Handling Pumping

Goulds Pump Model 5500
Goulds 5500 Pump

• For the toughest abrasive slurry
• Significant ease of maintenance
• Heavy duty bearing and frame


Goulds Pump Model JC
Goulds JC Pump

• For most medium duty slurry
• Many sizes & configuration options
• Maximum parts interchangeability


Goulds Pump Model XHD
Goulds XHD Pump

• For heavy-duty slurry services
• Next generation of slurry pumping
• Uses latest tech like CFD analysis



Goulds Pump Model CW/CWX
 Goulds CW/CWX Pump

• For almost all types of slurry services
• CW pumps solids suspended in liquids
• CWX adds air & solids handling


Goulds Pump Model SRL
Goulds SRL Pump

• For the toughest of abrasive slurry
• The original rubber-lined slurry pump
• Significant ease of maintenance



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