R.F. MacDonald Co. Assists Yahoo Campus with Boiler Upgrade

Cleaver Brooks Boiler Skid

Yahoo replaced 18 of its low-efficiency boilers with high-efficiency CFC-E boilers to meet the Bay Area AQMD emissions requirements.

Sunnyvale, CA
ClearFire-CE Boiler Skid Project
• 19 boilers
• 8 skids
• 7 buildings

The R.F. MacDonald Co. boiler sales and engineering team supplied 17 hydronic and 2 DHW boilers, totaling 19 boilers on 8 skids. The project required engineering, fabrication and calculated instrumentation. After discussing Yahoo’s requirements, RFM began the CAD and permitting process. With a tight timeline, RFM successfully developed each skid and assisted Yahoo with a complete campus upgrade in less than 4 months.

Yahoo replaced 18 of its low-efficiency boilers with high-efficiency ClearFire-CE boilers, which meet air quality emissions requirements. The BAAQMD requires sub 30PPM NOx for boilers above 2,000 MBH to 5,000 MBH. The CFC-E meets 20PPM and is available at 9PPM. By choosing the CFC-E, Yahoo also upgraded from an average 65 percent efficiency to an average 90 percent efficiency based on Yahoo’s output set points. The CFC-E offers up to 99 percent efficiency at its peak. The CFC-E comes with complete integrated controls for lead/lag staging, building management connectivity and outdoor-rated protection.

Hydronic BoilersCleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CE
• Fully condensing high-mass firetube boiler
• 500 to 6,000 MBTU
• Variable flow capable — no minimum
• Outdoor kit available