R.F. MacDonald Co. Now Offers Commercial Pumps

Commercial Pumps

R.F. MacDonald Co. enters the commercial industry with Taco commercial pumps, which are compatible to CB’s commercial boilers.

Taco system solutions offer comprehensive, convenient, single-source answers to any HVAC application. Based on the highest industry standards and built with Taco’s extensive experience, a Taco hydronic solution assures seamless integration and efficient operation. As with all components made by Taco, our customer’s count on its high quality and proven performance, whatever your HVAC application challenge is.

Because of the Green Building movement, hydronics is getting a fresh look by system designers who seek to design commercial buildings to a new environmentally conscious standard. That’s because hydronics provides a “green” solution in meeting two important environmental goals – less materials used for the HVAC system itself and less energy consumption through its operation.

R.F. MacDonald Co. is available to immediately handle all Taco sales and service in Northern CA.

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