What It Takes to Be a Boilermaker at R.F. MacDonald Co.


R.F. MacDonald Co. boilermakers and pressure vessel welders service and repair boilers, burners and related accessories for end users and contractors

Our boilermakers perform pressure vessel repairs, general boiler repairs, estimate service work needed, record daily progress and more. We believe these skills are essential in order to provide the maximum benefit to our customers by having a superior knowledge of product applications and operation.

R.F. MacDonald Co. Boilermaker/Welder Expertise:

Boiler-Rigging-Video• Our boilermakers submit service reports daily for recordkeeping and receive signatures by the customer before leaving all job sites.

• Our boilermakers understand the requirements of ASME Code repairs and their impact on estimating, inspections, welding procedures and materials needed.

• Our boilermakers are capable of pipe fitting to ASME, state and local codes.

• Our boilermakers perform repairs on boilers and pressure vessels according to ASME and NBIC standards.

• Our boilermakers clean both fire and watersides along with installing new gaskets.

boilermaker-pipefitting• Our boilermakers repair and/or replace refractory, gaskets, parts and miscellaneous controls.

• Our boilermakers perform maintenance on boilers, pumps and auxiliary equipment.

• Our boilermakers open and inspect boilers with an understanding of different boiler designs and construction.

• Our boilermakers must be capable of identifying tell-tale signs of potential problems with boilers such as tube leakage, scaling, pitting, metals discoloration and refractory failures.

• Our boilermakers have knowledge in water treatment and how it relates to operation as well as be capable of identifying potential problems when lack of water treatment has occurred.

boilermaker-welding• Our boilermakers perform hydrostatic pressure testing.

• Our boilermakers are capable of reading and understanding mechanical drawings and have the ability to make modifications to boiler equipment per the drawings.

• Our boilermakers are certified for the applicable welding work that is performed.

• Our boilermakers continually attend factory training for boiler pressure vessel welding certifications.

• Our boilermakers are available 24 hours during their scheduled “24-Hour On Call” service rotation.

• Our boilermakers troubleshoot valves, motors and safety devices.

• Our boilermakers evaluate basic boiler room systems (steam and hydronic) and gather information to assess and help solve problems.

• Our boilermakers have a history of appraising service needs for the repair of various products, including boilers, pressure vessels, burners, boiler accessories and other heat producing equipment.

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