Camus Hydronics Boiler Package Supplied to CA Winery


R.F. MacDonald Co. provides large California winery with Camus Hydronics boiler skid package for CIP cleaning, bottle warming and hose wash station applications

In this application, a close-coupled Clean-In-Place (CIP) skid, bottle warming and hose wash stations have ready-to-use 180F or 90F hot water on demand. The boiler package was designed to accommodate the various loads, maintaining the closed loop at about 200F degrees. All components, including controls and skid fabrication, were provided by RFMCO as part of a single source solution.

Hot Water Boiler Skid Package

Three (3) Camus Hydronics – DynaFlame DFX – Near-Condensing Boilers
Two (2) Grundfos model 30707 4P LFE – System Pumps
One (1) ASME Boiler Buffer Tank – 300 Gallon Capacity
One (1) ASME Bladder Expansion Tank – 211 Gallon Capacity
One (1) Chemical Feeder – 5 Gallons Capacity
One (1) Natural Gas Flow Meter
RFMCO Service – Skid Packaging
RFMCO Service – Start-Up Service

Boiler Trim (mounted)

Advanced Integrated Honeywell SOLA Control with 7” Touchscreen Interface
Temperature gauge
Operating temperature control
High limit temperature controls with manual reset
High and low gas pressure switches
ASME Rated Pressure Relief Valves
Flow Switch
Primary Boiler Circulator Pump
Condensate Neutralizer
Boiler flue/stack – approximately 3 feet above canopy


Standard controls include a SOLA electronic proportional integrated combination ignition limit/operator control accurate to 1° F (0.5° C), having a 4-20 mA output signal suitable for control of a variable frequency motor drive or a pulse width modulation signal output for modulating fan speeds. Controls are lead lag “Cascade” ready for control of up to eight boilers consistent with indoor/outdoor reset and lead lag control. The control was equipped and ready with 4-20 mA remote set point or modulating control, capable with 0-10 VDC remote set point and modulating control.


The boiler skid package includes an emission control package designed to meet the requirements of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District with a NOx emission limit of 20 ppm, corrected to 3% 02 when firing natural gas. The boiler has an input rating of 2,000,000 Btu/Hr and an 88% thermal efficiency.

R.F. MacDonald Co. sells and services boilers, pumps and heat exchangers for many different winery applications, include pumping must, whole clusters, pomace, racking and bottling. Boilers for use in plant washdown, barrel cleaning operations and heating glycol. Contact us to assist with your winery needs.