Cleaver-Brooks CFC-E Voted 2019 Most Valuable Product

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The Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire-CE commercial boiler was voted as the Most Valuable Product of 2019 by readers of Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine


2019 Product of the Year

Boiler Condensing CFCThe ClearFire-CE condensing boiler achieves up to 99% efficiency due to the enhanced AluFer firetube heat exchanger and dual-temperature returns. When utilized, dual-temperature returns increase condensing in a hot water boiler, raising efficiency by 6% or more compared to a traditional single-return design. The dual-return feature also offers system engineering flexibility for efficient integration into building designs. The CFC-E includes a large-water-volume pressure vessel with low pressure drop, eliminating flow restrictions and reducing system pumping energy. A low-emissions premix burner is also built into the CFC-E. The self-regulating, gas valve/venturi system, combined with electronically commutated motor variable-speed blower technology delivers linear modulation control with optimum turndown for hydronic systems. The burner automatically adjusts for combustion air density changes, resulting in a consistent fuel-air ratio performance without additional actuators and controls.

The low-emissions CFC-E boiler is a condensing boiler perfect for any commercial facility.

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