Las-Vegas-Ready Fabricated Hot Water Boiler Skids

Fabricated Boiler Hot Water Systems

R.F. MacDonald Co. can provide fabricated hot water boiler systems in Las Vegas, Nevada for hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings

Our fabricated skids and boiler systems come pre-packaged with controls, accessories and documentation. We offer commercial steam packages, hydronic heating packages, domestic hot water packages, trailer-mounted mobile steam plants and modular central plants with open or closed designs.

With a fabricated boiler package, your maintenance personnel will be ready to begin production in no time — just connect the piping.

Hot Water Heat Exchangers

Hot water heat exchanger skids for commercial buildings

hot water boiler skid rental

R.F. MacDonald Co. provides quick turnaround with hot water rental skid

Hot Water Mobile Unit

Hot water mobile unit for temporary use with quick installation and removal

Dosing Pumps for Water Park, Pool

Grundfos Pumps dosing system for pools and water parks

Hot water Camus boiler with Taco water pumps for commercial hot water

boiler hot water skid for commercial building

Hot water skid with Cleaver-Brooks boilers, Hubbell water heaters and a Shipco deaerator tank