New Wash & Clean High Pressure Pumps White Paper

Grundfos High Pressure Pumps

Grundfos white paper reviews new Hydro HP high-pressure pumping technology with high and low-flow capability for wash and clean food processing applications

High-pressure pumping is a requirement for wash and clean applications in food processing. While traditional technologies require significant and costly maintenance, today’s manufacturers and processors need updated technology that delivers high energy efficiency, durability, and simple, low-cost maintenance.

Grundfos High Pressure PumpsTime and cost-effective wash and clean systems that accommodate high and low-flow demands are instrumental for food and beverage producers to ensure product integrity, minimize downtime and maintain brand confidence.

Designed with these key areas in mind, a packaged pumping solution for wash and clean also has potential application and benefits beyond the food processing space. For pulp and paper manufacturers, process and energy efficiency is directly related to cost savings. Shower wash systems must operate at optimal washing efficiency with minimal maintenance to improve production while minimizing energy consumption. The high-pressure and high-temperature demands of boiler feed applications require pumping systems that demonstrate remarkable durability and energy efficiency, especially in the context of wash and clean within food processing.

The purpose of the Grundfos Hydro HP white paper is to present some of the features a fully integrated pumping system can offer clean and wash applications. It will explain the benefits of using integrated VFD, the energy efficiency and maintenance benefits of vertical inline multistage pumps, SCADA system integration, and OPEX cost savings of the Hydro HP pump system.

Grundfos High Pressure Pumps