Government Facility Decentralizes Steam Plant


R.F. MacDonald Co. increases boiler efficiency and on-demand steam output at government facility with decentralized, multi-point steam distribution system

R.F. MacDonald Co. assisted in the project development for a steam decentralization project in San Diego, CA. The scope of work included replacing the existing, centralized steam distribution system with multiple steam distribution points.

Steam-Boilers-CaliforniaThirty-five hot water Camus boilers, three low pressure steam skids and three high pressure boiler skids were supplied for various buildings throughout the facility. R.F. MacDonald Co. then began construction, startup and commissioning on the three mobile steam plants.

In addition, R.F. MacDonald Co. supplied and commissioned multiple high-efficiency natural gas hot water Camus boilers and pumps to accommodate all building and mechanical hot water load requirements that were originally supplied by steam.

Steam-Boilers-CaliforniaDecentralized Buildings
• Medical Facilities
• Mechanical Rooms and Utilities
• Classrooms and Laboratories
• Repair Workshops
• Housing Complexes
• Office, Retail and Warehouse Space

Boiler Solutions
• Building Analysis
• Domestic Hot Water
• Utility and Mechanical Steam

R.F. MacDonald Co.’s Engineering Dept. was pivotal in planning, permitting and supervising the installation of the completely reimagined multi-point steam distribution system. However, the novel solutions were discovered through a collaborative effort with boiler experts Cleaver-Brooks and Camus.