Hydraulic Selections Minimize Unscheduled Pump Maintenance

Pump Reliability Analysis

ITT Goulds Pumps experiments on the effects of three hydraulic factors to test pump reliability and reduce unscheduled maintenance

In process plants it has been found that under many circumstances the cost of unscheduled maintenance is the most significant cost of ownership. Although numerous papers have been presented on the subject of pump reliability, that literature addresses mechanical means of improving reliability. Most studies do not provide an objective guide on the best hydraulic fit to optimize reliability.

ITT Goulds Pumps coordinated a test program to quantify the effects of these three hydraulic reliability factors to assist Application Engineers. They found that each pump has a reliability chart for operating speed and can be operated with optimal set points. Read the entire white paper here.

Hydraulic Reliability Factors

  1. Operating speed
  2. Impeller diameter
  3. Operating point

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