Introducing The New Generation of Grundfos CR Pumps

NEW Grundfos CR Range

Grundfos expands range of CR vertical pumps with a best-in-class efficient and reliable generation

With reimagined features and capabilities that move the lines of what’s possible, Grundfos has added three new models (95, 125, and 155).

Every detail in the new generation of CR vertical inline multistage pump technology is built for maximum energy efficiency and performance across the board. The superior hydraulic design delivers a 6 to 11 point efficiency gain in addition to dramatically increased overall performance, offering more than 1,000 gpm and 1,000 feet of head. The improved impeller design reduces energy loss, the new flow-guiding system eliminates eddies and turbulence, and an optimized flow path reduces pressure loss.

90% of pump life cycle costs are from energy consumption, so significantly reduced consumption equates to high cost savings.

Performance Curves

Efficiency and Performance of the New 95, 125, and 155 vs. Previous Models

This generation of large CR pumps is even more robust than its forerunners, thanks to state-of-the-art technology in simulation design, materials, testing and production. Every pump is individually tested before leaving the factory, and reimagined features reduce the pump downtime and lower operating costs. A new thrust handling device allows use of standard motors, while the balanced shaft seal can be replaced without removing the motor. Additionally, the enhanced impeller design reduces NPSHr and the decreased vibrations overall reduce wear and tear.

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