Netzsch Products Support Pumping Hand Sanitizer

R.F. MacDonald Co. offers Netzsch pumps available in Southern CA

Netzsch manufactures high-quality progressive cavity pumps (NEMO), rotary lobe (TORNADO), and multiple screw pumps (NOTOS). Netzsch produces sanitary pumps known for a unique fluid handling, like pumping high viscosity fluids such as hand sanitizer.

During this period of overwhelming demand for hand sanitizer, Netzsch’s high-viscosity handling capabilities meet the needs for those looking to respond to increased demands. As an essential services company, R.F. MacDonald Co. can provide Netzsch products in Southern California to all essential businesses including general industry, water/wastewater treatment, oil & gas, food & pharmaceutical, mining and others.

With expert consultation and technicians, R.F. MacDonald Co.’s services ensure quality and reliability when utilizing Netzsch pumps for the production of different fluids. Contact our Los Angeles office today to learn about the opportunity to increase hand sanitizer production capacity through the use of Netzsch pumps.

The following Sanitary Pumps are capable of pumping hand sanitizer, with more highlighted in the Netzsch catalog

Netzsch pumps can handle:

  • Wide range of viscosities (up to 1 million centipoise)
  • Broad metering capability down to fraction gallons per hour
  • Variety of materials of construction including stainless steel (3A if required) as well as exotic metals
  • In-house research and development of elastomers including alcohol resistant elastomers
  • Very low shear pumps for shear sensitive material (pumps do not change the rheology)
  • Flow is proportionate to speed for accurate regulation
  • Can pull nearly full vacuum and handles solids-laden-fluid solids laden fluid as well

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