We Are Now the Exclusive Taco Rep for All of California


R.F. MacDonald Co. is proud to announce we have expanded our Taco Pumps representation and are now the exclusive Taco Comfort Solutions rep throughout California

After a year and a half of successfully selling, installing and fabricating pumps and pump skids in Northern California, RFMCO and Taco will collaborate and create hydronic heating and cooling solutions in Southern California as well.

taco-pumps-californiaTaco Comfort Solutions offers high quality, high efficiency hydronic heating/cooling water pumps and accessories, including expansion tanks, air separators and more.

This year, R.F. MacDonald Co. adjusted to the changing economy in two ways: first, by refocusing on its core boiler business and second, by moving away from the heavy industrial pump market and instead focusing on the commercial pump and light industrial market.

Not only do we carry a large inventory of Taco Pumps for quick turnaround, we also have 30 years of experience, engineering pump skids for every industry. Contact your local sales rep for more info.