Avoiding Downtime for AODD Pump Maintenance

AODD Repair Tips

Sandpiper Expert Tips: Reducing Downtime for Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pump Maintenance

Sandpiper “AODD Pump Maintenance Tips” Source:
Ed Kupp (2020) of Warren-Rupp: Sandpiper

Production efficiency is one of the highest priorities in a food and beverage facility. Maintaining smooth operations and a consistent schedule allows for successful output, but you must reduce as much unnecessary downtime as possible to truly capitalize on your production. Unnecessary downtime involves malfunctioning machines, misused systems, and other errors that could be avoided with proper awareness. Such flaws in the production process lead to lost revenue and can cause emergency costs that can complicate budgeting.

Sandpiper produces highly reliable air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps known for their durability and efficiency, but just like any piece of equipment, proper attention and timely maintenance are needed to ensure long-term lifespan and complete usability. Fortunately, AODD pumps are easy to maintain due to a simplified design, ideally built for quick and easy repairs.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to maintain your AODD pump so that it works best for your needs!

Preventive Pump Maintenance

To operate your equipment at peak ability, you’ll need to manage pump health on a scheduled basis. R.F. MacDonald Co. offers scheduled Pump Maintenance Plans, inspecting, repairing, and upgrading pump equipment routinely. Continually installing repair kits and receiving detailed pump health reports will prevent pump failure and downtime.

Filter and Regulate Compressed Air

The air that exits most compressors is warm, wet, dirty, and often unregulated. This combination can result in erosive tendencies, shortening the lifespan of AODD pumps.

To prevent this problem, you should filter your compressed air. As a key element in smooth pump operation, using Filter Regulators will significantly improve the lifespan of your downstream machinery, like AODD pumps. By both filtering and regulating airflow, these components offer protection and precision control by removing solid and liquid contaminants. Clean, controlled, and consistent air pressure will reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Install Pulsation Dampeners

All AODD pumps create pulsations of product fluid as they operate. Using Pulsation Dampeners, or surge suppressors, will remove pulsations from flows. This process adds significant consistency to downstream pressures, further protecting your equipment. These can be easily installed, contact Pump Parts at R.F. MacDonald Co. for your interest in pulsation dampeners.

Controlling Pump Leaks

Production leaks, varying between minor and major malfunctions, will always result in lost revenue from downtime during repairs. In chemical scenarios, leaks can also create health hazards for plant workers and damage the surrounding environment.

Utilizing leak detection devices, either visual, electronic, or mechanical, will allow you to control your AODD pump’s diaphragm integrity. With this awareness, you can quickly and effectively respond to potential downtime from various occurrences involving leaks.

Visual Leak Detection: Consists of clear sight tubs that allow you to accurately identify if a diaphragm is ruptured by simply inspecting the exterior of your pump. Routine inspection of operating equipment will reduce unexpected parts malfunctions.

Electronic Leak Detection: Utilizing smart monitoring systems, you can remotely track your AODD pump’s diaphragm integrity through a module and liquid sensors in the air chamber. Tracking these details will provide accurate data needed to know the potential errors.

Mechanical Leak Detection: Consists of a pneumatic valve that will open when exposed to the liquid being pumped. When this valve opens, it uses air to create a signal, usually audible, to indicate a diaphragm leak is occurring.

Using an AODD Pump That You Can Rely On

As a leading AODD pump manufacturer of the toughest AODD pumps on the market, Sandpiper is focused on improving your efficiency so you experience more uptime. With time-saving technologies and mechanisms – and the operator in mind, Sandpiper reduces disruption costs and streamlines production. While Sandpiper equipment is incredibly reliable and durable, R.F. MacDonald Co. is your local, single-source partner for pumping solutions and services. For any maintenance, installations, or fabrications, R.F. MacDonald Co. is a trusted distributor and expert of Sandpiper equipment. You can rely on us to provide credited services to assist in making your plant run as efficiently as possible.

Source: Sandpiper “AODD Pump Maintenance Tips” Source: Ed Kupp (2020) of Warren-Rupp: Sandpiper

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