RFMCO Designs, Builds Boiler Container for Dairy Farm

hot water boiler container

R.F. MacDonald Co. designs and builds two hot water boiler containers to be integrated with larger digester gas system at a milk plant

In collaboration with an environmental engineering company in Los Angeles County, RFMCO designed and built two twin hot water boilers assembled to integrate within a larger digester gas process at a dairy farm that houses approximately 60,000 cows. The digester gas system uses organic waste from the cows to produce biogas. The biogas is then used to heat other areas of the facility. The RFMCO Engineering Dept. submitted all technical requirements along with electrical and dimensional drawings to complete the container assembly. Once approved, the RFMCO Fabrication Team began project development, which began in January 2020. Startup is set for mid-August 2020.

Hot Water Boiler Container Components
• Cleaver-Brooks CBEX Boiler
• Cleaver-Brooks Hawk Control System
• Taco Comfort Solutions Vertical Split Pump
• Bedford Reinforced Plastics Floor Grating

Container Assembly

boiler container fab
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