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When to Replace Your Pump

Engineered Replacement Parts and Reverse Engineered Pumps

Dealing with a "bad actor" means your dealing with a piece of equipment that continually causes issues, leading to frequent downtime and excessive spending. When a pump becomes a maintenance nightmare, end users may believe purchasing a new pump is the only option. Of course there are times in which a pump cannot be saved....


Gearbox Experts Tecnica Industriale

In review of gearbox repair experts, R.F. MacDonald Co. recognizes Tecnica Industriale. Tecnica Industriale has remanufactured pumps and gearboxes for over 50 years. In that time, they have developed highly technical skills in the complete repair and revamping of gearboxes and gearmotors — planetary, right angle, worm screw, parallel axes gearboxes, etc. Tecnica Industriale collaborates...


Pump Vibration Analysis

pump vibration analysis

End users know vibration can be one of the most devastating malfunctions to centrifugal pump systems. Vibration impacts reliability and process efficiencies if not investigated promptly. In fact, experts say vibration is an actual measure of the overall reliability of a pump. The damage caused by vibration can ultimately cause catastrophic failure. Vibration is a...


2019 Training Schedule Now Available

Pump Training

R.F. MacDonald Co. is California and Nevada's leading boiler and pump training provider. Classes are taught by R.F. MacDonald Co. instructors with 30+ years experience in the industry. Each RFM-instructed class offers Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) and California Water Environment Association (CWEA) Continuing Education Units. Learn more about our boiler and pump training classes