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New 40HP Mobile Steam Plant Rental

rental boiler

Rental and mobile boiler equipment is an excellent and cost effective use of temporary steam or hot water requirements — haulable by pickup truck Our new mobile steam plant features a 40HP Fulton steam boiler complete with a feed tank, feed pumps, a water softener, a chemical feed system and even a sample station with...


Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

goulds pump

Many facilities shop for pumps based on price, but industry data shows initial costs represent only 10 percent of the Total Cost of Ownership This white paper shares the formula for analyzing TCO as part of purchase and design decisions, with case studies showing how five organizations used a TCO approach to yield dramatic savings....


Curing the Causes of Pump Cavitation

Blackmer Pump Cavitation

Blackmer creates a cavitation solution using suppression liner, which eliminates vibration, excessive noise & pump-component damage Read Blackmer's white paper Curing the Cause of Cavitaion about how cavitation occurs, how it can harm sliding vane pumps and why the use of a Cavitation Suppression Liner is the best way to mitigate cavitation damage. Watch Blackmer's...


R.F. MacDonald Updates Boiler Service Brochure

boiler service and repair

The new boiler service brochure adds refractory, burner retrofitting, retubing/pipefitting, skid fabrication, inspections and energy saving tools We employ ASME code certified welders and a fleet of fully equipped service trucks which can be quickly dispatched to your job site to perform the following services with our General Engineering Contractor Licenses A, C-4 (CA) and...


API Oil & Natural Gas Pump Testing Standards

Goulds Pumps

Many factors go into pump testing including safety, cost, lead times, customer production and efficiency across the testing and delivery cycle Summary The latest edition of API Standard 610 has clarified industry guidelines for pump testing, but new customers still often over-specify testing for new pumps. By understanding the nature of pump test results, the...