Boiler Startup and Shutdown in a Hot System


Cleaver-Brooks lists the proper procedure for bringing a boiler back online in a warm/hot system

C-B offers best practices for recommissioning a boiler that has been offline.

Boiler Startup

  1. Power the burner switch and prove the pilot and main flames.
  2. Check to see that the boiler vent and drain between the main stop valve(s) and the non-return valve are open. This is done to bleed any air from the system.
  3. If installed, open the equalizing valve around the main steam-stop valves.
  4. Open the main steam-stop valve(s).
  5. When the pressure reaches 10 to 15 psig, close the boiler vent.
  6. Test the low-water cutoff by securing the boiler feed and let the boiler steam off naturally to see if the switch cuts power to the burner at the proper low level. If it does not, break power to the burner immediately and take corrective action. With a positive result, reopen the boiler feed valve.
  7. Open the non-return valve when the steam pressure reaches 75 to 85 percent of the system-line pressure.
  8. Manually test the safety valve for proper operation and reseating.
  9. Bring up the boiler pressure slowly during low fire, allowing the non-return valve to automatically cut the boiler into the live system.
  10. Close the drain between the main stop valve(s) and the non-return valve.
  11. Verify that all automatic controls are operating properly.

Shut down one boiler when the others in the system remain operational

  1. Shut off the fuel to the burner.
  2. If equipped, open the superheater outlet drain valve.
  3. Close the main steam stop valve(s), and open all drains.
  4. Shut down the boiler feed system.

Source: Cleaver-Brooks

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