Hands-On Boiler Operator Workshop Video

boiler training

Boiler training video shows hands-on learning with boiler controls, including burner flame controls, combustion controls, steam pressure controls and more

R.F. MacDonald Co.’s Boiler Operator Workshop is beneficial for all boiler maintenance personnel — whether your facility uses steam boilers or hot water boilers. This boiler training class often hosts operators with little-to-no experience and that’s OK. Corporate Boiler Trainer Don Williams begins each class with the basics: what are the components of a boiler, what is each component used for, where are common problem areas and how do you to troubleshoot those common problem areas.

Each boiler operator workshop is slightly different, but each class includes hands-on learning with the following controls:

• Honeywell Burner Flame Control
• Siemens Combustion Control
• Honeywell Temperature Control
• Cleaver-Brooks Steam Pressure Control

During registration, each attendee has an opportunity to advise Williams what type of boiler they operate. This gives him an opportunity to prepare material directly for you.

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